How to join us

Our meetings are held in Salem, OR on Sundays from 12:30 to 3:30 PM. If you’d like to participate, please contact us so we can provide you some additional general instructions, including our meeting address, and answer any additional questions you might have.

Our meeting schedule and agenda are posted at the Home section of our page (look for the UPCOMING EVENTS section).

You should acquire the following two books, which we current use in our meetings and are considered foundation literature for our work. Those books can be downloaded for free, but we recommend that you use the versions below as their translation to English makes their reading a much easier and pleasant task for native English speakers. Those books are available on, the publisher’s website (Edicei of America) and many other book stores:


  • Spirits’ Book, by Allan Kardec. We recommend the 4th Edition or newer.

  • The Gospel According to Spiritism, by Allan Kardec. We recommend the 2th Edition or newer.

You can learn more about us through the About page of our site and the multiple Studies and lectures we have available in this web site.

NOTE 1: You should also consider acquiring the book Spiritism in its Simplest Expression if you are not yet familiar with Spiritism. This very short book provides a nice quick introduction to spiritism and what it is about. The book is available on, the publisher’s website (Edicei of America) and many other book stores.


NOTE 2: We also have the following resources that can help you learn more about spiritism: A) You can visit the About Spiritism section of our site, read the rest of this page and explore the External Resources section we maintain. B) The is also a number of books available in English, which we have attempted to catalog in the Spiritist Books in English section of our site.

NOTE 3: We welcome individuals of all religions and belief systems and are glad to learn more with what they bring, however we conduct a focused spiritual work and care about the harmony and constancy of purpose of our work. This means that if you are strongly opposed to some or all of the basic Spiritist teachings noted in the About Spiritism section of our site or at the book Spiritism in its Simplest Expression, this group might not be of much value to you and you might be disrupting our harmony and constancy of purpose.

NOTE 4: If after joining a few of our meeting sections you feel at home and would like to engage with us further, we encourage you to complete our Meeting Participant Contact Form and send it to us by e-mail. This allow us to better keep you informed about our work. To complete this form, follow the instructions below:

1) Open the  Meeting Participant Contact Form and save it in your computer.

2) Fill it out, save and close the file. Then, e-mail the completed form as an attachment to